Twin Wild & Nothing But Thieves @ The Sunflower Lounge

Twin Wild & Nothing But Thieves @ The Sunflower Lounge

It’ll be hard to ever describe a venue as ‘intimate’ after visiting The Sunflower Lounge in Birmingham. There’s a huge amount of charm to venues that are essentially just a room below a bar; for many people it allows one of their locals to become a venue for live music and for others it gives the opportunity to get rather up close and personal to their favourite musicians. KUBE were treated to guestlist at the completely sold out gig from Nothing But Thieves and Twin Wild this past Sunday, letting us experience not only a trendy venue that’s just a short walk from New Street station but introducing us to three fantastic bands.

First support act Romans, a fairly local band from Kidderminster, delivered a forceful, effective set which stayed true to their self-description of ‘loud’. Though perhaps a little more rocky than both Twin Wild and Nothing But Thieves they did a great job of warming up the (already pretty packed) crowd before the main two acts. As far as I’m aware they gig around the midlands quite frequently so if you spot them out and about seeing them live would not be a bad use of your night by any means.

Twin Wild describe their sound as being ‘anthemic, chunky, rock’ which isn’t something I’m about to disagree with. Taking things down a notch from Romans, Twin Wild have a slightly poppier edge to their otherwise loud and unrelenting style. With Twin Wild you can expect catchy choruses combined with fast paced guitar that’s sure to get you moving. It’s the ideal style of music to fill a larger venue but still worked incredibly well with the small room. Though not as established as Nothing But Thieves you can hear two of their songs via soundcloud which will give you a pretty good impression of what’s to come from these guys.

After seeing Nothing But Thieves support Darlia the weekend before I already knew to expect great things. After their previous gig in Birmingham attracting ‘two lonely souls’ they perhaps underestimated their ability to shift tickets with the small room being sold out and packed to bursting point. Their headline set was longer and more extensive than the support slot the week before, delivering a few surprises such as a Led Zeppelin cover and showing off NBT’s range and versatility; songs like Graveyard Whistling had the whole room singing along making for a beautiful, friendly atmosphere whilst Ban All The Music showed a more energetic side from both the band and the crowd. Lead singer Conor didn’t hit a single bad note and the entire band performed an engaging set that was over almost too quickly leaving us wanting to hear much, much more.

All three bands delivered a great gig but Twin Wild and Nothing But Thieves in particular have bright futures ahead of them. I’d recommend keeping an eye on Facebook to check their next gigs in your area – be quick though as they will sell out! In the mean time you can hear our interviews with both Twin Wild and Nothing But Thieves right here which will leave you liking both bands even more.

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