Under the Spotlight… Calvin Harris – Pray To God ft. HAIM

Under the Spotlight… Calvin Harris – Pray To God ft. HAIM

Having been established as one of the world’s top DJs for a few years now, it’s no surprise to see Calvin Harris producing top quality tracks over and over again. Pray To God is no exception, taken from his latest album Motion and featuring vocals from the up and coming HAIM, it is a polished and professional sounding piece.

After just two weeks of being uploaded onto YouTube, the music video for Pray To God already had over 4 million views. Indeed, the popularity of the video is completely justified by the track it supports. The song utilises repetitive synth and bass samples to great effect, creating a really unique sounding mix. The vocals from HAIM complement Harris’ DJing work perfectly and the vocal range featured on the track is impressive, especially the incredibly high notes on the bridge before the final chorus. The song is more rooted in disco than Harris’ usual house style of production and perhaps this reflects the recent shift within the dance scene towards more disco oriented music.

There’s very little one could criticise about this track, it feels completely fresh and shows that Calvin Harris deserves his spot as one of the most celebrated DJs in the world. HAIM also do a superb job as a supporting act and prove how diverse Harris’ range of skills are.


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