Under the Spotlight… MisterWives – Our Own House

Under the Spotlight… MisterWives – Our Own House

Originating in NYC as an indie-pop band featuring five members, MisterWives debuted their new album “Our Own House” this week. Featuring vocals somewhat similar to that of Lorde and an upbeat tempo to their music, MisterWives have the potential to take the musical world by storm.

The album features 12 tracks, with 3 or 4 of the songs being drawn from their 2014 EP Reflections. Our Own House is by far the track with the most potential. It features an incredibly unique mixture of trumpets and repetitive bass which produces a sublime chorus. The verses are more subtle, yet they are driven by the powerful vocals of the lead singer. Hurricane is another highlight of the album, however it takes a completely different tone to that of Our Own House. In comparison, Hurricane is far more downbeat and passionate. The reason it is particularly good is that it highlights the vocal range and power of the lead singer. Unfortunately apart from these two tracks, the rest of the album is somewhat forgettable, with no outstanding tracks. In some ways, it feels like most of the tracks try too hard to be quirky and individual, with the result being an odd sounding mix of instruments and beats.

Overall, the album is a decent debut effort and the band has very clear potential to become something big. They seem to be trying to carve their own niche and while their sound is certainly unique, it still needs some developing before becoming mainstream.


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