Under the spotlight… Sigma – Higher

Under the spotlight… Sigma – Higher

After the massive success of singles such as Nobody to Love and Changing, Sigma are back with a new track, Higher. The track features big name Labrinth providing vocals, who joins names like Paloma Faith as artists featured on Sigma tracks.

The single is fairly comparable to Sigma’s song Changing, with both songs featuring choir like vocals backing a strong lead singer. Also both tracks build up to a high intensity, emotionally driven chorus. Higher has a distinct piano tune pushing the track forward and this is probably the most memorable part of the song. As expected from Sigma, the chorus also features their distinct drum and bass beat. Overall, the song proves to be a solid effort and while nowhere near as unique as Nobody to Love, it should see decent success.

My biggest gripe with the song is the blatant similarity to Changing. While neither song is necessarily bad, they’ve both been constructed with an incredibly similar formula and it shows. Especially when played one after the other, the layout is obvious and Changing is by far the better track. However, Higher isn’t an awful track by any regard and holds its own against any other drum and bass song.


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