Veronika Vesper – Suffocate

Veronika Vesper – Suffocate

Veronika Vesper is an edgy, rebellious artist that is described on her own website as an artist with elements of David Bowie, Bjork and Lady Gaga. Her appearance and style is already enough to create interest in what she is selling to her fans. It is clear that she was born to be an entertainer. She is known to be unique and to use music as an escape from the problems of the real world, to the point where she has even been described to have come from outer space.

Her new song, Suffocate, has a new, modern electronic feel to it that showcases a new mood that still has a lot of space to explore in. With a similarity to TaTu songs, Suffocate is quite an interesting and creative. Veronika Vesper has a dainty yet strong, stunning and controlled voice as she hits all different kinds of notes and with what seems to sound like relative ease.

Suffocate itself is an enjoyable song, that would be good to listen to if you want to get hyped up, but also if you feel that you need to zone out for a while, as it cancels everything going on around you out.

It explores who she is as an artist, but also what you can expect from her in her music to come.



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