APPLICATIONS ARE NOW OPEN FOR SEMESTER 1 2019/20! Applications will stay open until a few weeks.

Please contact the committee if you have any questions BEFORE you apply. Our top tip for filling in the form is to BE SPECIFIC! Our email is

Presenting your own show on KUBE Radio is often the first broadcasting experience students have. Whether you are completely new to radio, or have prior experience of any sort, our aim at KUBE is to give as many Keele students the opportunity to broadcast on air with more or less full creative control, while promoting a professional output as a radio station!

  1. Applications are taken at the beginning of each semester and are only valid for that semester (i.e. if you are successful for a show in the first semester you will still need to apply again in the second semester if you want to continue)
  2. Technical training is compulsory for presenters that are new to our studio
  3. Applications are NOT processed on a first-come first-served basis (All applications are reviewed and assigned together, all show times will be announced on the same day chosen by the Programme Controller, Matt Thomas – please keep an eye on your emails)
  4. Be completely honest in your application (We care more about your ideas than the experience you have, and we can give you all the training and help you need!)

KUBE Show Details

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What items are you most likely to discuss? (e.g. sport, movies, music) (required)

Presenter Details

(Think carefully as to whether you want a co-host, many people find that on-air conversation flows much easier with a bit of company.)

PRESENTER 1 (This should be the person who can be the main contact between the show and the Programme Controller):

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PRESENTER 2 (This should be the follow-up contact should Presenter 1 be unavailable) (Type N/A in each field if PRESENTER 2 does not apply):

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PRESENTER 3 (ONLY fill out this section if you plan on having a PERMANENT third presenter. Type N/A in each field if PRESENTER 3 does not apply):

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PRESENTER 4 (ONLY fill out this section if you plan on having a PERMANENT fourth presenter. Type N/A in each field if PRESENTER 4 does not apply):

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Your Experience

Have you presented/produced for KUBE in the past? (required)

If you have had a show in the past, how many semesters have you had it for? (required)

Show Times

Things To Consider:

- You are just as likely to get your first choice as your last, although we will try and give you your first preference, many particular slots become high in demand, so please only pick slots you can do and are happy to do (if this is a real problem please email the programme controller before the deadline to avoid disappointment, any after this time will not be considered).
- The more flexiable you are with your times, the more likely it’ll be that you get one of your top five choices.
- Specialist music and topics can only be given weekend slots or weekday evening slots (past 7pm)
- If you plan on swearing profusely on your show only pick a show past the watershed (7pm onwards)

Click here to View the Schedule Outline

*subject to change

Make your choices (Please click the "-" to expand) If you would like a 1-hour slot, please select the slot that contains that hour, and leave a note in the "Any questions?" section at the bottom.:

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2nd Choice (required)

3rd Choice (required)

4th Choice (required)

5th Choice (required)


Your application will be denied if you have not chosen five slots, as this creates a logistical nightmare. (However, we will try to give you your first or second choice!)

Your KUBE Involvement

We encourage all shows to have as much involvement in the radio station as possible.
For this reason, we ask that you are involved in at least one area of KUBE other than your show's presentation and/or production. Not only is it a great way to contribute to the station itself, but it's a great way to meet other presenters who are as enthusiastic about KUBE as you hopefully are/will be!

Which areas would you be interested/willing to help in? (at least one choice REQUIRED)

Which area would you be primarily interested in? (Please click the "-" to expand)

Which area would you next be interested in? (Please click the "-" to expand)

Briefly outline any additional skills and experience you would bring to KUBE (required)

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If you have any questions which are not already posted above this application form (eg. NOT "How will I know if my application is successful?"), please enter them into the area below.

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Final Acceptance

By submitting the form you understand that:

  1. All applications are reviewed together and not on a first come first serve basis
  2. Applications sent after the deadline will not be considered
  3. You will be unable to change your show time or show time choices after the application deadline (unless it is permitted by the programme controller under special circumstances)
  4. You should not contact the Programme Controller or any other committee member as to the particular status of your application
I understand.


After pressing the "Submit Application Form" below, please scroll down slightly.
A box will appear below the button to show whether your application has been submitted successfully.

If you have any issues with submitting the form, first check:

  1. You have filled in ALL fields (sometimes even if they’re not labeled “required” the form still won’t submit).
  2. Triple check that you have entered the CAPTCHA value correctly (the ‘prove you are human’ section).
  3. If you are still having issues, save your application form in notepad or another text editor, and contact the program controller.